Communication (Optional)

You may want to use Mattermost as a communication tool rather than Moodle, if not simply delete this page! Mattermost is a digital workspace where you and your students can collaborate. Mattermost allows direct 1:1 messaging between them and you as well as each other. You and your students will have the ability to create channels for topic and group based chatting. Mattermost can be used in a browser, a desktop app and a mobile app, it has a persistent login and will send notifications.

We have set up a Mattermost space to accompany the Life Beyond Moodle course, you are welcome to sign up and test it out. We are happy to create a space for your course(s) if you decide to use it rather than email and/or Moodle messaging and forums!

Please join the class Mattermost team by signing up at:

If you already have a Mattermost account at TRU click the blue text that reads “Click here to sign in” if you do not have an account fill in the required fields and click the Create Account button.

Channels are used to organize conversations, they are located on the left-hand panel of Mattermost. There are three types of channels: Public Channels, Private channels and Direct messages.

Public Channels are open to everyone on a team. New team members are automatically added to two Public Channels when they sign up: Town Square and Off-Topic. Click on the More… button at the bottom of the Public Channels section to explore more channels to join! We have created Public Channels for you to use to discuss the learning activities and projects as a class, use these channels to help each other. You are welcome to make new Public Channels by clicking the + symbol on the right side of the heading PUBLIC CHANNELS, remember the whole class will have access to the chat.

Private Channels are for sensitive topics and are only visible to selected team members. Any member of a Private Channel can add additional members. Channel members can choose to leave at any time, but only the channel owner or Team Admin can remove other members. We encourage you to make your own private channels to discuss the midterm and final projects as a group.

Direct Messages are for conversations between two people. Group Messages are Direct Messages that have conversations among three or more people (consider using a Private Channel). Both are visible only to the people involved.

You can use @username to get the attention of specific team members, you can mention the entire channel by typing @channel or @all.

You will find further documentation at:


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