Week 4 – September 27th to October 1st

List this weeks readings here, if you are linking to library articles be sure to include persistent links. Instructions for creating persistent links are found here: https://libguides.tru.ca/links

Learning Activity 3

If you choose this activity it is due Sunday October 3rd at midnight

Note: The Projects forum is a place for you to discuss your projects, you are welcome to use any platform you wish for this discussion as well. The Pitch Your Project Here forum must be used to discuss the topic of your project, once your project has been approved, if you want you may use an alternate mode of communication.

Reminder: If you have not already joined a group you need to do so now.

Join a group here

Your project idea must be approved next week on Friday October 8th by 4:00pm Go to the final project description (You could create a list of topics for students to choose from rather than having them pitch ideas, simply title each group by topic and allow them to self-select which one they want to work on using the group choice activity)


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