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This is week one so no learning activity will be due, we recommend going over the course outline, giving a tour of the website and Moodle course as well as having a space in Moodle for online introductions.

Before posting please review TRU’s online etiquette and online discussions guidelines at: Everyone is expected to follow them closely.

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Note: You may want to use this forum to form groups for the midterm and final projects. You will remain in the same groups for both projects. Click the link below to select your group:

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Once your group is formed it is imperative you come up with an idea for your final project, click here to read the description be sure to look over the presentation and final project assessment criteria as well! Your idea must be approved by the end of class on October 8th. You can add your idea in the Pitch Your Project Here forum which will be made available September 27th.


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